Manar Al Maarifa Training and Management Consultant says valuing career happiness is key to success in organizations

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Manar Al Maarifa Training and Management Consultant says valuing career happiness is key to success in organizations

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In line with the UAE’s leading vision to enhance people’s quality of life and establish a culture of positivity and happiness

If companies want to increase work productivity, valuing career happiness within organizations is most important, Manar Al Maarifa Training and Management Consultant, one of the leading national companies in management consulting and specialized training, said on the occasion of the International Happiness Day, further noting that companies play a key role in providing a positive and motivating work environment to enhance employee’s happiness.

In line with the UAE’s leading vision to enhance the quality of life by creating a happy and positive work environment, the company has launched a comprehensive and integrated training program for organizations seeking to enhance the capabilities of employees and enable them to find happiness and satisfaction in their work and thereby benefit the company.

Manar Al Maarifa’s services are designed to meet company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals on addressing the wellbeing of employees in the workplace. The trainings harness human values such as forgiveness for one to become happy. It also offers workshops and trainings that instil and boost tolerance within individuals, thereby helping employees transform their views and way of life and positively engage in the workplace.

Hajir Al Eisa, Tolerance Knight, Founder and CEO, Manar Al Maarifa Training and Management Consultants said: “We work to establish a culture of happiness and positivity through our integrated training programs and aim to provide a happy work environment. Our goal is to enable employees to innovate, develop and enhance their productivity levels, inspired by the insightful vision of our wise

leadership which has made happiness and positive lifestyle a government commitment to cultivate the true spirit that unites the UAE society.”

She added: “The training programs reflect our continuing efforts to achieve the optimum level of human capabilities which is essential in the journey towards sustainable development, following the country’s leading approach in honing national human resources. The UAE invests in science and knowledge as key to achieving success and in keeping pace with global changes as well overcome the challenges of the future which comes in line with the national ambition to position the UAE as the most advanced and happiest country in the world.”

Al Issa highlighted Manar Al Maarifa’s commitment to implement the National Charter of Happiness and Positivity, which aims to make the UAE a hub and destination for happiness by building on the concepts of happiness and positivity at the national level. She further emphasized the importance of constant cooperation with various governmental and private entities in creating a happy and productive work environment such as its latest cooperation with the Ministry of Tolerance to implement several projects including the applying of the concept of tolerance within the family. Furthermore, Manar Al Maarifa is working alongside Ajman Businesswomen Council to organize “Towards a Tolerant Economy” forum set to take place this year.

Since its establishment by Emirati business leader Hajar Al Issa in 2012, Manar Al Maarifa Training and Management Consultant has been working to motivate human and societal values in the UAE, including tolerance, happiness, and knowledge through a variety of training programs and workshops on vital topics such ‘Positive Energy and Career Happiness Program’, ‘Happiness Vitamins’, ‘Happiness Strategies’ and ‘How to Make Yourself Happy’—dedicated to women. The programs are focused on concepts of happiness and positive energy; impact of positive energy on the atmosphere; and contentment on the self as source of true happiness.

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