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– A delegation of 14 Sri Lanka-based aviation, tourism and hospitality companies visited Jeddah to meet with key travel agencies and tour operators

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February 27, 2018 – Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau launched a promotional roadshow in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including a delegation of Sri Lanka Tourism officials, as well as Sri Lanka’s leading hotels and tourism stakeholders, last night, 26th February 2018 held at Radisson Blu hotel, as part of an ongoing effort to develop the number of tourists visiting the emerald island from the GCC. This Tourism Promotion attracted up to 75 of the leading travel and tourism companies in the city.

A total of fourteen (14) industry partners from Sri Lanka-based aviation, tourism and hospitality entities joined the roadshow to promote the country’s unique hospitality services and attractions including; Movenpick Hotel Colombo, Centauria Travels, Asian Adventures, Holiday Park, Walkers Tours, Exotic Global Holiday, Lanka, Figco Lanka Holidays Private Ltd, World Travel Center, NKAR, Explore The Wonders, Sunway Holidays, Air Arabia and Sri Lanka Airlines. As part of the promotional activities, Jeddah-based travel agents and tourism professionals were provided the latest information and updates on Sri Lanka’s touristic offerings through presentations, workshops and a series of business development meetings.

Ms. Madubhani Perera, Director/Marketing, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, commented, “Sri Lanka is one of the preferred destinations for Gulf tourists as we offer a distinctive, adventure-packed, eco-friendly, family-focused experience and offering. With our rich nature, heritage and culture, year-round schedule of festivals and special events, numerous parks and eco centers, luxury resorts and wellness centres, Sri Lanka has many reasons for KSA families to return to Sri Lanka again and  again.”

During 2017, Sri Lanka received a total of 35,481 tourists from KSA region. Sri Lanka aims to double these numbers and achieve 20% increase from KSA region by the end of 2018.

Saudi Arabia make up the largest number of G.C.C. tourists to Sri Lanka followed by Oman  and UAE as second and third largest number of GCC tourists to Sri Lanka.

Ms. Perera further commentated “KSA is one of the most important market segment in our region and remains integral target markets for Sri Lanka’s tourism development. This roadshow is one of many major activities Sri Lanka tourism conducts to ensure that key international travel agents maintain a close awareness and link with Sri Lanka’s tourism industry partners, in order to mutually expand the business opportunities between both, while offering their clients quality tourism experiences. Through such a mission to three key cities in KSA, our expectations are that travel to Sri Lanka from KSA will continue to grow and thrive, reinforcing Sri Lanka’s status as a world-class destination for eco-tourism, cultural and family tourism.”

The Sri Lanka Tourism roadshow delegates will continue its promotional activities in Jeddah as they participate in Jeddah International Travel and Tourism Exhibition from 28th February to 2nd March at Jeddah Hilton Hotel.

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