What Does ‘Efficiency’ Look Like? GE Answers at WFES – ماذا يعني “الكفاءة” تبدو؟ GE أجوبة في القمة العالمية للطاقة

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What Does ‘Efficiency’ Look Like? GE Answers at WFES – ماذا يعني “الكفاءة” تبدو؟ GE أجوبة في القمة العالمية للطاقة

What Does ‘Efficiency’ Look Like? GE Answers at WFES

From wind turbines and gas turbines to efficiency-boosting Industrial Internet software and 3D printers, GE is presenting its advanced energy-efficiency innovations and vision for the future of workiduring this year’s World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi.

During the conference GE will be celebrating the 10th anniversary for Ecomagination, an initiative designed to help meet today’s environmental challenges and build a sustainable infrastructure. Our Ecomagination portfolio expands from ‘traditional’ sustainable technologies such as renewables to ‘untraditional’ sectors such as mining and natural gas development.

GE is also releasing a white paper that outlines how the adoption of energy-efficient technologies in the United Arab Emirates, host of WFES, could strengthen the country’s long-term energy security, while increasing national wealth savings and decreasing the carbon intensity of the electricity value chain. The paper explores how retrofit and software enhancements at power plants could contribute to high-efficiency gains in power generation.

The report is being released during GE’s Energy Efficiency Day, which the company is hosting at its Ecomagination Center at Masdar City, in Abu Dhabi. During the day, GE will announce the launch an Energy Efficiency Course for non-engineers that will be taught at the center and will address GE’s solutions in distributed power, water, lighting and wind. These solutions can support sustainable development targets in the UAE and around the world.

GE also will be sharing its expertise by participating in the important international discussions held during the forum. Deb Frodl, GE’s Global Executive Director of Ecomagination, will address a panel discussion on how Ecomagination and the Industrial Internet come together to drive energy efficiency, while Rania Rostom, Chief Innovation & Communications Officer for GE in the Middle East, North Africa & Turkey will present GE’s approach to the “Future of Work” at a tech-talk session during the conference.

Some of the specific technologies showcased during WFES include Jenbacher engines, which can run on a variety of gas types, including natural gas, flare gas, biogas, biomass, landfill gas and other gaseous fuel types, to help industrial companies and municipalities generate reliable onsite power. Also being showcased is the Ecomagination-certified Brilliant Wind Turbine, a technology that pushes power and efficiency boundaries.

GE’s heavy-duty HA gas turbine can be configured in a combined-cycle setting to achieve over 61% net efficiency. Also on show are GE Predictivity solutions, which harness the power of the Industrial Internet to enable power generation customers operate more efficiently, dynamically and profitably. The 3D printer helps demonstrate what the future of manufacturing can look like.

WFES is the Middle East’s largest event focused on future energy and finding ways to address the world’s energy challenges. Held annually since 2008, WFES 2015 attract 30,000 delegates from 170 different countries, representing expertise from industry, technology, finance and government.

If you are at WFES, be sure to visit GE’s booth – 6120, next to Hall 6 entrance – at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center.

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