Within the framework of YouCOME Project, Joyce Saade, Yasmina Noureddine and Ahmad El Baghdadi represented the Lebanese Development Network (LDN) in the Digital Marketing Workshop for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) held between September 13 and 22 in Struga, North Macedonia.

The workshop was executed with the participation of co-partners from Albania, Italy, Montenegro, Poland and North Macedonia.

It aimed at generating the knowledge regarding sustainability and social responsibility, providing youth with non-profit Digital marketing ‘8Ps’ mix and Social media tools. It focused on increasing the pressure on public authorities and business sector for the implementation of Sustainable Developments Goals [SDGs] policies.

Non-formal education working methods and tools were used throughout the seminars by engaging the participants in design and delivering small non-formal activities such as team-building games, simulations, role play, storytelling, problem solving, cooperative challenge, interactive workshops, brainstorming sessions as well as outdoor activities.

YouCome is a project led by Marketing Gate, North Macedonia and supported by Erasmus+ Program. It seeks to enhance the digital skills of young people between 18 and 30 years old in line with the new European Green Deal, respecting EU’s Europe 2020 Growth Strategy. It contributes to the implementation of the EU Youth Strategy (2019-2027) including the 11 European youth goals and focusing mainly on the ones related to Sustainable Green Europe, Quality Learning and Quality Employment for all.

This workshop was implemented in collaboration with Teach for Lebanon (TFL).

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