WinGD advances the MENA maritime sector with innovative engine technology

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The company establishes its strong presence in the MENA market with innovative and efficient solutions

Dubai – United Arab Emirates –29th of November 2018: Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD), a Chinese-owned and Switzerland-based engine manufacturer successfully emerges as leader in the region with their focus on smart shipping and innovative services. In its pursuit to developing sustainable technology for tracking future emission regulations for environmental upkeep, WinGD continues to reinforce the importance of LNG as a fuel for the future in addition to providing efficient services while reducing costs and improving performance.

The company is not new in the diesel engine industry, as reflected by its 125 year history. After its inception as Sulzer Corporation in 1893, the company merged into Wärtsilä Corporation in 1997, before eventually merging with China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) and being rebranded to WinGD in 2015.

Adoption of low-pressure gas technology by the marine industry has enabled WinDG to carve a niche for themselves, establishing themselves as the leading developers of low-pressure dual-fuel technology for low-speed gas and diesel engines for marine propulsion.

Eng.Ibrahim Behairy, Managing Director at WinGD MENA, commented, “Our passion for sustainability and innovation fuels our quest for success in the region. Being in the engine design business for over a century, at WinGD our technology continues to evolve as we pursue greener fuel choices, improved efficiencies and reduced operating costs.”

“Keeping track of future emissions regulations in the region, it is imperative that alternate fuel resources be found and utilized. In order to keep relevant and vital, most of our R&D efforts are focused on finding climate friendly solutions, while catering to ship designs and operator requirements,” Behairy added.

Reinforcing a future of smart shipping

In keeping with ever-changing emission legislations, WinGD practices low-pressure gas admissions, manufacturing revolutionary low-pressure, dual-fuel X-DF engines, Generation X engines, and RT-flex diesel engines, which have caused a breakthrough in the marine market. The Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM) currently supports a multitude of vessel types including tankers, container vessels, bulk carriers, cargo vessels and gas carriers, demonstrating a standard to set new market trends by providing built-in flexibility that allow shipyards and ship-owners the ability to adapt engine performance and specifically meet their operational requirements.

Furthermore, the company recognizes that new data is invaluable. That is why it is creating new opportunities to utilize digital technologies for better ship operations, providing ship owners with complete information on how to manage their fleet in an optimized way.

Behairy emphasized, “Smart shipping is not an isolated process. It is actually a combination of innovative thinking, technologies and processes amalgamated together with the human element. It is primarily about driving innovation and creating greater value for customers.”

The success of the Switzerland originating company has been steady, with business flourishing via multiple dealings. Arab Maritime Petroleum Transport Company (AMPTC) is one of the companies contributing to WinGD’s success, as they purchased six Swiss Max Oil Tanker Engines in late 2016, while WinGD and Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) also came to an agreement for the transfer of three VLPG vessels in 2017. The biggest haul came courtesy of a 2017 partnership with Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines Group (IRISL), involving four Panamax Containers and six Medium Range Tankers.

Aspiring to position the company for transcendent success, Behairy has approached the task by growing operations upon pre-established successful foundations. In regards to the outlook of the company, he stated, “We are an old company with a new name. Since we are not new in the market, our clients are well established in the region. Capitalizing on the strength of previously formed relationships with our already established client base will continue to propel WinGD forward.”

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